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Accept third-party assets & funds, store, manage and safekeep them in a regulated environment.

General Info about the Swedish Setup

We offer you the complete setup of a Swedish trust management company under excellent conditions in one of the most prosperous and technologically advanced nations in the world. Sweden is without a doubt a European powerhouse.

A Swedish trust company is the unique and worldwide most cost-effective solution for receiving, managing, increasing and protecting customer funds of all kinds. EU financial license (registered with the regulator) and EU company formation do not have to be complicated. 

The trust company is registered as a regulated provider (for AML and KYC purposes) trust management and legal services with the Stockholm County Administrative Board as a supervisory authority and is delivered with an impressive set of ready-made and personalised  AML/CFT compliance handbook to work according to international rules to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing.


The trust company is structured as a limited partnership and registered as a regulated service provider in accordance with the Law for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Law 2017: 630). Our trust companies come with registration certificates, proof of registration with regulator, Certificate of Incumbency and Good Standing and sample trust deeds for clients and an impressive AML/CFT compliance program.

All documents are provided in Swedish and English. The trust company can manage any type of trust held assets for any number of clients (individuals or legal entities) located worldwide.

The trust company must have at least one partner with unlimited liability and at least one partner with liability limited to participation in the company. There are no minimum or maximum amounts for investments by limited partners.


The partners can be physical or legal persons of any nationality and can be located anywhere in the world. All parties must be properly identified.

Multi Purpose Use

The uses of the Sweden EU finance firm are incredible:

electronic wallets schweden.jpg

Payment Processing / e-wallets

Process payments for your customers whenever they order them. The Trust Registration enables you to manage e-wallets and virtual current accounts for your customers - cleverly through the back door, but without having to purchase an Electronic Money Issuing license or a banking license.

Let customers open business and private escrow accounts. Manage incoming and outgoing payments with the ebanq software, give customers access to online banking and earn money on every incoming and outgoing escrow payment! Earn like banks.

Earn on transfer fees, account management fees, incoming and outgoing transfers, currency exchange, account statements, letters of reference, transfer research, etc. - And all in a regulated environment for your customers.

crypto exchange license schweden.jpg

Crypto Processing / Crypto Exchange

BTC, Etherum and the lucrative switch between FIAT and digital currencies and vice versa. Yes, you can also offer these services. You only process what your customers have agreed between your Swedish finance company and you as part of the fiduciary mandate.

Allow your customers to earn money from the lucrative crypto business. And you too. Enable BTC, ETH Exchange whenever and wherever your customers want it. Of course you do not get a crypto exchange platform access from PAMEROY (you have to do that yourself, but the legal regulations are decisive, which we are happy to take care of for you in order to be able to provide these services in a legally clean manner: Usually the offering of such services require tens of thousands of Euro as paid-up capital. Our solutions do not require this! You can save your money to built business and get it grown.


Storage and Safekeeping of Assets

Whether stocks, bonds, FX contracts, cryptocurrencies, real estate, cash or electronic money - there is nothing that your customers transfer into the newly established trust. Think about what happens when you combine several financial firms with the Sweden Trust.

Store and manage everything that your customers want you to do so. In addition to e-wallets and accounts where FIAT funds are brought in, crypto wallets, stocks, FX contracts, bonds, CFDs, real estate, commodities and much more can be transferred by customers into their very own trusts, which are to be professionally managed by your company. If you then setup your own brokerage company offshore or investment / hedge fund further new perspectives arise. Talk to PAMEROY about the extensions that are possible. Our Superior Package cares exactly about this.

Upgrade to a FX / CFD / Crypto Broker

Offshore broker company + Sweden trust company in a strong combination!

Offshore FX Company + Schweden EU-Trust

The best Upgrade ever:

St. Vincent & Grenadines Offshore FX and a Swedish EU Financial Company in a clever combination. Maximize your product portfolio.

St. Vincent & Grenadines

Forex Company

Offer trading services, FX and CFD trading online in one platform. SVG companies do not need a minimum capital and are ready to use within a week - without mandatory supervisory or regulation. More flexibility ain't possible.

Swedish Trust Company

Store the assets for trading purposes within your Swedish trust company in a safe EU regulatory environment. Process incoming and outgoing payments of your trust customers for the SVG company. Combine clever offshore brokerage with EU trust security!

You can select the following add-ons to round off the concept of a brokerage institution:

  • Introduction to Bank-and Payment Providers

  • ebanq Software for Online Banking 

  • LEI Numbers for Sweden + SVG

  • AML / CFT Compliance Program

  • Certificates of Conformity and Incumbencies

  • Express Setup possible

  • add an additional depositary agent company in Kasachstan to gain access to guaranteed multi currency bank accounts

  • MT4 / MT5 Software (external service; not able to purchase through PAMEROY)


The most important points:


Swedish trust companies (limited partnerships) are tax exempt. Only private withdrawals by the general and limited partners are taxable in their country of residence. Here, too, we can assist you in achieving further optimizations.

Corporate Setup

The Swedish trust companies need around 4-5 weeks to get set up including registration with the regulator, creation of trust deeds, AML CFT compliance programs, digital delivery of all documents.



We need the following documents to set up companies in SVG or Sweden: Certified True Copy of your passport and proof of address (you provide us with high-resolution scans via email and we certify as business consultants according to international standards).

Neither Sweden nor SVG Companies require a minimum capitalization. All minimum capital payments (usually approx. 250 EUR are included in the setup package price; we will take care of the rest for you. No further capital required, neither for trust nor brokerage company).

Paid-Up Capital

Kazakhstan LLP

In addition to the Sweden company, you can either book a cheap SVG company from the Caribbean for Forex and Crypto Trading, or you can opt for the high-end premium solution combination from Sweden and Kazakhstan. Advantage: the Kazakhstan company is authorized by the regulator for FX and Crypto Trading & receives up to 3 multicurrency accounts with major banks in Kazakhstan. More info about the Superior Package here.


The Swedish established LPs are registered with the Stockholm County Administrative Board as a regulator and are then allowed to offer legal and trust management services to the public. The European law for AML and KYC procedures is the base to which all trust management companies within the EU must comply with; however, in Sweden it is easy, cheap and extremely unbureaucratic.

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