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Add-ons for your new Sweden finance company with. Work better!

Work regulated! Portray Success!

Add-ons are intended for the daily use of your Sweden financial company to portray customers strength and internationality, to polish up your image and standing and to give investors and customers comfort and confidence to actually deposit their assets with you in your new Swedish financial company.

The PAMEROY ADD-ONS have been designed especially for your Sweden financial company to increase the company reputation as well as the entity's standing. Without exception, all add-ons are available to customers of EU finance companies with a license that were incorporated exclusively via PAMEROY.


All the Add-Ons

This is what you really need.

Address Sweden

Get your own address in Sweden (included in the start-up package) to receive mailings etc. and conveniently get them forwarded to your email address as HQ scans. In addition to the Sweden addresses, PAMEROY offers international prestigious domiciles around the globe for your new Sweden financial company for a surcharge (around 800 EUR per year) in an unbureaucratic way.

LEI Number

LEI stands for Legal Entity Identifier. This company code, assigned in accordance with the DIN standard, is issued exclusively and uniquely for your company. Your Sweden company can then be unequivocally identified by the public via online portals, but without revealing names or ownership information. Included free of charge in the Sweden setup package.

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IBAN Accounts

PAMEROY will be happy to introduce you to experienced account openers in order to get your own IBAN accounts for SEPA and SWIFT for your Swedish company. Depending on the business plan and concept, a large number of financial partners are available so that you too can quickly accept customer funds. Attention! Account openings are an external service, PAMEROY provides the introduction here for legal reasons without exception. The costs for introductions are included in the start-up price.

To get accepted with banks, electronic money issuers or payment processors, you will need your own AML & CFT compliance program policy according to international standards, as it should be for any global financial company. You receive the complete set including the compliance manuals fully free of charge in the start-up package; issued and personalized in the name of your company.


Certificate CGS

Twice a year you will receive an updated Certificate of Good Standing or Certificate of Incumbency from PAMEROY if you wish. These certificates are often requested from banks, contractual partners or other third parties if you want to enter into a business relationship or extend an existing one. The certificates certify the ownership and also that all legal requirements for the company extensions are met. Price: EUR 250 per certificate on demand.

Certificate CFY

A Certificate of Conformity is a certificate that is issued to you by an external auditing company and certifies that your regulated Sweden financial company works according to international standards, has a valid AML / CFT compliance policy and has so far not  received any customer complaints about your correct work with regulators. A tremendously trust-building element, especially for new customers who do not know you and your company and its products yet. Price: 750 EUR per quarter (4x annual certificate issue)

Forex Add-Ons

Offer Forex, Stock, Crypto Trading. Since you are not allowed to provide brokerage services directly via the regulated Sweden financial company, PAMEROY gives you the opportunity to offer brokerage services to the public by integrating a St Vincent forex company (not regulated) or a Kazakh financial services company. The custody of customer funds is carried out by the Sweden EU company, while the offshore companies cover the brokerage business activities.


Including up to 3 additional bank accounts in Kazakhstan.

Similar to the Forex add-on, PAMEROY offers you the option to carry out crypto exchange, crypto trading, ICO launches or token sales. Customer funds and tokens are kept by your Sweden company; the actual service of trading and exchange is handled by companies in St. Vincent or Kazakhstan. Advantage of Kazakhstan: You also receive up to 3 valuable multi currency SWIFT accounts for accepting customer money. EUR / USD / CHF / CNY / JPY / GBP etc. can be received and sent out smoothly to any SWIFT connected bank account worldwide.

Crypto Add-Ons


ebanq Software

Give your customers the opportunity to manage wallets and accounts with your Sweden financial company. A professional online banking system from ebanq (market leader) with its full desktop license is included in our start-up offer. In addition, you can decide which information and authorizations you want to grant your customers. Gain more customers through more transparency and unique features. ebanq is by far the most important add-on. More information about the software at

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