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The All-In-One Package:
Trust Management, Forex Trading, Crypto Services & Payment Processing.

The Superior Package that simply allows everything and leaves nothing out!

The Superior Package has it all. You get not just one, but two fully-fledged companies including bank accounts, e-banq Software and much more. The possible uses are almost endless.

No matter whether you want to offer trust services or a forex trading platform or crypto exchange or token trading, payment processing - you can do it all.

You will also receive Payment Processing approval to offer electronic wallets to the public. More is just not possible.

Get started with our companies from Sweden and a accredited financial institutions from Kazakhstan in a strong combination package without compromises, but endless application possibilities.

Offer services that in their entirety would almost require a small banking license - but via Pameroy Management Ltd without minimum capital. Only the conventional company formation costs.


This combination solution is available exclusively from Pameroy.

You will receive:


Swedish Trust Management company: Offer trust services and accept all conceivable third-party assets easily, quickly and in a regulated manner. EU law for trust services makes it possible. Shares, cash, book money, crypto values, bonds, real estate, etc. - all of this can be accepted and stored, saved, kept and processed on behalf of the customer.


Kazakh Financial Services Company with regulator accreditation: Cover the areas of activity that are not covered by Sweden, such as forex trading, FX managed accounts, payment processing, crypto exchange and crypto trading, ICO launches, etc. You also receive full SWIFT bank accounts (multi currency with up to 9 currencies in the name of your KZ company).


E-banking software license issued to your Sweden financial license company: Give your customers a valuable online banking system. Predefine account groups, interest rates (optional), create account statements, confirmations and certificates and process the payments made. Best of all: You also pre-define how much you want to earn from each of these service offered.

Get the full variety.

The uses of the Sweden EU finance firm are incredible:


ebanq Software for Onlinebanking and Customer account management in a stylish labelled layout

Online banking for your customers. The best and most trustworthy tool for trust and flexibility. Transfers, account groups, customer management, compliance statements. The full license for the ebanq desktop online banking software is included in the Superior Package.


Forex Trading

FX Managed Accounts

Crypto Exchange & Trading

e-wallets & Processing

Offer your customers forex trading, crypto exchange, ICO launches, managed accounts, e-wallets and payment processing via the financial company from Kazakhstan, which is included in this package.

Including 2 guaranteed multi-currency SWIFT bank accounts for customer acceptance.



Offer trust services and accept all types of assets from worldwide customers without restrictions and manage them for a fee or cross-sell with the supplied Kazakhstan financial license company services, which is included in our Superior Package.

Including OECD-compliant AML / CFT Compliance Program and Trust Deeds template. 

You are ready to go and can onboard international clients up from day one.

Launch a FX and/or CryptoPortal

Forex Trading, Managed Accounts and Crypto Exchange as well as Digital Virtual Currency Trading

Host and Operate FX and Crypto Platforms

FX / BTC / and much more.

No matter whether Crypto Exchange, Crypto Trading, FX Trading or FX Managed Accounts. Act and work just like a real broker.

Kazakhstan - Accredited Financial Company

Offer electronic wallets, FX managed accounts, FX trading, crypto trading, crypto exchange or perform an ICO launch: all with the blessing of the official regulator, writtenly confirmed in its accreditation which is addressed to your company's name.

Sweden Trust Company

Store assets for trading purposes within your Swedish trust company under a safe EU regulatory environment. Process incoming and outgoing payments from its trust customers for the Kazakhstan company or let the Kazakhstan company process on behalf of the Swedish trust. Combine EU and Non-EU services clever and better.

Work between continental borders of Europe and Asia and open up outstanding investment and trading opportunities to European or international clients: everything with regulatory approval, quickly and unbureaucratically.

  • ebanq Software for Online Banking

  • LEI Numbers for Sweden + SVG

  • AML / CFT Compliance Program

  • 2 SWIFT Multi Currency Bank Accounts in Kazakhstan to accept third party funds

  • Permission to offer Trust Services

  • Accreditation to conduct Forex, Crypto and Payment Processing activities in Kazakhstan

  • Host your own crypto or FX trading platform

  • all companies do not require minimum capitalization


The most important services in summary.

Setup Schweden

  • Setup of the limited partnership in Sweden

  • Appointment of the limited partner and general partner

  • Company address in Stockholm

  • Registration with the Stockholm County Administration Board as a regulator

  • Introduction to opening bank accounts (external service)

  • Digital provision of all documents

  • Translation of all documents from Swedish to English

  • AML & CFT Compliance Program

  • no minimum capital, no notary visits necessary. Setup completely digital via Pameroy Sweden

  • LEI Number for Swedish entity

Setup Kasachstan

  • Preparation / due diligence and world check

  • Preparation of legal powers of attorney for Pameroy Moscow

  • Translation of all documents from English or German to Russian and Kazakh

  • Company formation in Kazakhstan

  • Appointment of required local director

  • Obtaining tax numbers

  • Application for accreditation to the regulator

  • Receipt of the accreditation to carry out FX, crypto and payment processing activities

  • Bank account openings with 2 major banks in Kazakhstan

  • Registered Agent and Office Services

  • Notarization and translation of all documents from Russian to English

  • Introduction to accountant / tax advisor

  • No minimum capital required

  • LEI Number for Kazakh entity

Bank Accounts

You are guaranteed to receive two bank accounts with their own IBAN at major Kazakh banks directly on the company name of your new accredited Kazakh finance entity. EUR / USD / GBP / HKD / RUB / JPY and other currencies are offered exclusively.


Each currency has its own IBAN to which customer funds can be received and sent out again.


Nothing is more important than working bank connections for financial firms. We guarantee you the successful establishment in Kazakhstan.

Give your customers the opportunity to manage the wallets and accounts with your Sweden financial company. A professional online banking system from ebanq (market leader) with full desktop license is included in our start-up offer. In addition, you can decide which information and authorizations you want to grant your customers. Gain more customers through more transparency and unique features. ebanq is by far the most important add-on. More information about the software at

ebanq Software


Get add-ons for free. A large number of extra services are included in the Superior Package. Regardless of whether it is Certificates of Good Standings and Incumbencies, Certificates of Conformity or LEI numbers for both companies.


Everything at no extra charge.


In addition to these services, as a superior customer, you will receive a 15% discount on all future services to be booked or company start-ups via PAMEROY. It couldn't be better. A sustainable package.


The Swedish established LPs are registered with the Stockholm County Administrative Board as regulators and are therefore allowed to offer legal and trust management services to the public. The European law for AML and KYC procedures is authoritative to which all trust management companies within the EU must comply with; however in Sweden it is easy, cheap and extremely unbureaucratic. The Kazakh companies receive an official accreditation for Forex, Crypto and Payment Processing from the "Agency for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market of the Republic of Kazakhstan". This means that you have the best possible regulatory protection.

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